The Palace of the Mencos




Fundación Mencos

The Palace of the Mencos is a unique building in what is known as the “Middle Zone” (Zona Media) of Navarre

The Mencos family, Counts of Guendulain and Marquises of the Real Defensa, among other titles, have been linked to Tafalla since the 15th century. The Palace rises over a low hill facing what were the ancient city walls of Tafalla, now demolished.

The palace was one of the first buildings built outside the city walls at the end of the 16th century, employing medieval remains to construct its tower. Successively occupied in various wars, burned to the ground by Espoz and Mina in 1813 and housing a Red Cross hospital in 1873; the palace bears the chains above its entrance that indicate its status as a royal lodging, following the stay by Fernando VII in 1828.

Through the history of the palace and of those who lived within it, as narrated with great enthusiasm and pleasure by Joaquín Mencos; we span over four centuries of the history of Navarre, intertwined, of course, with the history of Tafalla.

The Palace of the Mencos

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